One may be as shocked to see this headline as I was when I saw Edward Snowden tweeted this. He shared an article exposing ‘Pegasus Snoopgate’ that shooked the world.

Forbidden Stories and Amnesty International along with over 14 News agencies exposed this snooping of around 50,000 potential targets in…

The world has always debated for “Who would be successful? — Specialist or Generalist

A Specialist is a person who has immense experience in only one field. The more he goes to the top of the field, the more he gets paid.

But there is also a negative side to…

Corruption is scientifically defined as the process which corrodes or destroy a thing from inside. Likewise, Corruption in a country will destroy the nation's achievement from the inside and corrodes the development and upliftment goals of the nation.

More than Big and large corruption of corporations and politicians, rampant corruption…


Eccentric, Maverick, Non-conformist, Entrepreneur, Investor & Civil Engineer

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